Day of the Dead/Dia de los Muertos 2017

Join us October 29 from 2-6pm to celebrate Día de los Muertos, a day especially for youngsters and families to learn more about the richness of this holiday in Mexican and American culture.  Enjoy children's activities from 2-4pm, including hands-on activities and story telling, and from 4-6pm, celebrate the exhibition with music, dancing, traditional folkloric costumed characters, Mexican food, desserts, and beverages. Suggested donation: $3. All ages are welcome.

Days of the Dead Altar Exhibit: October 21 - November 12
This community-centered altar exhibit includes traditional elements of the ancient Mexican holiday, Dias de los Muertos, such as sugar skulls, colorful tissue paper cutouts, and photos or personal items of deceased relatives to honor the souls of the departed.

The holiday has evolved from a blend of Meso-American and Christian cultures, and those traditions come to life with this celebratory exhibition at FWMoA featuring memorials created by artists, families, and community groups from throughout the region.

Dias de los Muertos, a holiday celebrated in Mexico and many parts of Latin America, is considered a festive time when family members remember and honor their dead and the continuity of life. At FWMoA, a series of artist and family-made altars fill a gallery, often honoring deceased loved ones or groups of individuals who have died for a cause or as a result of persecution or injustice. Common symbols include colorful skeletal figures, laughing in the face of death, or the glamorous La Catrinabased on a famous etching by Mexican printmaker Jose Guadalupe Posada, which depicts a female skeleton dressed in aristocratic styles of Europeans of her time. This figure satirizes those Mexican natives who Posada felt were over imitating European traditions of the aristocracy in the pre-revolutionary era. 

Los Vivos y Los Muertos: October 7 - December 3
In celebration of Días de los Muertos, days of celebration of the lives of deceased loved ones widely observed in Mexico, FWMoA presents a private collection of work inspired by the Days of the Dead. For centuries, artists have drawn from the rich imagery and symbolism rooted in indigenous Aztec traditions as well as the symbolism of Christianity and Catholicism of the Spanish conquistadors.

On the holiday it is believed that the gates of heaven open, allowing for the souls of departed loved ones to descend and reunite with their loved ones still on earth for 24 hours. As a result, imagery surrounding Día de los Muertos is full of life, color, and movement as participants celebrate the lives of those they have lost.

The artwork featured in this exhibition are from the extensive collection of Dr. Gilberto Cardeñas, representing the finest work from the history of Latino art. Los Vivos y Los Muertos captures the history and energy of Dia de los Muertos as traditional imagery bursts forth in an exciting array of color as the ongoing narrative of the holiday is captured in printmaking, quilting, and sculpture. 

Thank you to our Dias de los Muertos Sponsors! 

Are you interested in creating an altar for the 2017 Dias de los Muertos exhibit at FWMoA? Click here to download the application form, or give us a call at 260.422.6467 to learn more about participating.

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