Geoffrey Hiller: Daybreak in Myanmar

This exhibit by noted photographer Geoffrey Hiller captures the essence of the people of Burma that have been living under a military dictatorship that has isolated the country for the past 60 years. Now that the government is making the transition to democracy, the veil is slowly lifting on this fascinating land and its people.

Hiller has been documenting the people of Burma since 1987 and has returned several times since the historic opening in 2011 to capture evidence of change, not only images of rallies for Aung San Suu Kyi, but the anticipation, hope and concerns of a nation forgotten by the world. Following his award-winning web documentary from 2000, Burma: Grace Under Pressure, Hiller published 170 color photographs which comprise the Daybreak in Myanmar series.

Rent this exhibit:

Contents: 31 framed color photographs; text and object labels.  
Supplemental materials: Companion book, educational and promotional resources, bilingual Burmese/English didactic labels.
Fee:  $5,000 plus one-way shipping
Sizes: All works are 24''x30'' framed.
Security: Moderate
Shipping: Standard Art Shipping
Tour: 2017 and after.

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