A Year of Making Meaning: New Additions to the Collection 2020

October 24, 2020 - January 31, 2021

A Year of Making Meaning: New Additions to the Collection 2020 highlights some of the numerous works collected by FWMoA in the last year. Our collecting philosophy is to continually fill the gaps in our collection in order to build logical sub-collections within the whole of the permanent collection, primarily focusing on 20th century American art. It is from these sub-collections that we create an array of exhibitions that continually change throughout the year. Museum president and CEO, Charles Shepard III, searches auction houses, galleries, and private collections year-round for artwork to expand our collection.

There are diverse styles and mediums explored within this small selection of FWMoA’s recent acquisitions. Though the pieces selected for this show by no means encompass all we have collected in the past year, you’ll see a range of work, including contemporary painting, photography, installations, and prints. 

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