Outside the Circle: Indiana Woodturning

Outside the Circle: Woodturning in Indiana celebrates the beauty and creativity of contemporary wood objects that were turned on a lathe.  Beginning as practical pieces made by hobbyists, woodturning has matured through experimentation to works of art made with purely aesthetic aims; the art form has drastically evolved beyond candlesticks and bedposts!   While some pieces remain utilitarian, others are truly "˜art for art's sake.'  This juried exhibition will feature artists living and creating across the state of Indiana and pieces that take a range and variety of forms, figures, and functions.  Take a peek at what happens when we let the chips fly!  

Works from the following artists are included:

Pete Nichol 

Tim Marling

Arthur G. Enns 

Tim Kennedy 

John Gospodarek 

Neil Gloudemans 

Michael Thompson 

Rhonda Inman

Fred Inman 

Danielle Ellingwood 

Gary Travis 

Clay Foster

Jennifer Shirley 

John Slick

Jeffrey M. Skiver 

Warren Briggs

Betty Scarpino

Dick Gerard 

Dr. Robert "Big Bob" Bahr

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