We feel strongly that of our several core constituencies, none is more important than children and their families. And, in these times, children and their families need art to be more than an attractive object to be observed they need art to be a catalyst for learning and connectivity. Art can help children communicate, expand their understanding of the world around them, and enhance their problem solving skills. Art can also be used as a powerful educational tool utilizing visual learning strategies to help teach everything from algebra to the social sciences.

The FWMoA School Tour program highlights and educates students in all grade levels using the artwork on display in our galleries.  This program continues to be the cornerstone of our service to students.   Student groups and their teachers are guided through the galleries on customized tours that correlate with Indiana curricular standards developed by our Education Team and delivered by highly trained docent educators to 8,000 students each year.

Each tour consists of two elements: orientation, which teaches the vocabulary, concepts, and share expectations for what's about to be seen in the galleries, and a guided, interactive tour through the gallery space.   All tours are scripted and docent led to ensure they meet Indiana Academic Standards and use cross-curricular teaching methods.

Schedule A Tour

In an effort to ease the scheduling process, please contact Katy Thompson to schedule a school tour or  click here to fill out our online application.  Once we receive your request and check our schedule for availability, we will contact you via your preferred method of contact to confirm your request.  

School tours are scheduled on a first come, first served basis.  To increase the possibility of getting the date and time you want, please schedule as soon as possible.  When scheduling we ask you do so at least 2-3 weeks prior to your desired tour date and time. 

For answers to questions you do not find here, contact Katy Thompson, Children's Education Associate, at (260) 422-6467 or  katy.thompson@fwmoa.org.   

We are always looking for enthusiastic individuals who are interested in impacting young people through visual art. Docents at FWMoA are volunteers who have strong verbal communication skills and have an ability to relate age-appropriate concepts through FWMoA exhibits. Prior teaching experience not required. See below for more details.

Job Title: Part Time Children's Docent/Tour Guide for Children
Department: Education
Reports to: Children's Education Staff
Summary: Docents are museum volunteers and are essential to educating the public about the diverse exhibitions on display at FWMoA, using the art as a tool to expand the minds of all who listen and learn. Leading engaging tours is a unique opportunity to work with children, heighten your mental engagement, and contribute to your community. All interested individuals will be asked to undergo a background check before joining the docent team. All finalists for this position must successfully pass a criminal background check.
Status: Part time, volunteer.
Job Description  | Call Alyssa Dumire at 260.422.6467, or email alyssa.dumire@fwmoa.org  to learn more about this opportunity.

Gallery on Wheels is a unique outreach program which brings original and reproduced art into the classrooms of Northeast Indiana. The exhibits, each with a different focus, provide relevant, topic based visuals that enhance classroom curriculum.

In a time of shrinking education budgets, Gallery on Wheels provides a way for students to interact with and learn from art, and it is often a student's first experience of original art and their first connection to the Museum.  All collections and presentations adhere to Indiana Academic and Common Core Standards, with connections made to art, social studies, and science.  Students learn about the makers of the artwork - their motivations, struggles, and their search for creative solutions to the challenges they faced seeking success. For teachers, the Gallery on Wheels experience augments their ongoing effort to provide students with a holistic education. 

Gallery on Wheels is an Outreach Program that offers curated content designed to foster cross-curricular discussions and hands-on activities in the classroom.  These collections are created and presented by the Fort Wayne Museum of Art Education Department and can be tailored to fit your needs.  

Thanks to generous support from donors and private foundations, Gallery on Wheels is a free resource for schools, teachers, and students in Northeast Indiana.

Schedule Gallery on Wheels

Gallery on Wheels is scheduled on a first come, first served basis.  Begin the scheduling process by accessing the form below. To increase the possibility of getting the date and time you want, please schedule as soon as possible.  When scheduling we ask you do so at least 2-3 weeks prior to your desired tour date and time. 

Begin the Gallery on Wheels scheduling process 

Early Learning at FWMoA

The Early Learning Center
Visual literacy at any age is key to thriving in our society, and in the earliest stages of life, the importance of developing visual literacy directly relates to the primal need for self-expression. As language skills develop, so too does the impulse to express and relate to the world around each child.

For these reasons, the FWMoA Education Department has recently opened the first art-focused Early Learning Center designed around the stages of childhood development in a fun, interactive, and hands-on environment. The Center includes a  Draw area with a Self Identity Gallery, a 20' by 8' whiteboard drawing wall, and a Magnetic Tree Gallery for displaying drawings. A Build  area encourages gross motor skills, a Learn area will utilize age-appropriate digital media showing artists creating work,  and a Read area will promote Visual Literacy and reading. 

The Center will function as a classroom, family activity area, and can be combined with a tour of the museum galleries.

Drawing the Ocean at the FWMoA Early Learning Center from FWMoA Education on Vimeo.

Scholastic Art and Writing Awards Exhibition 2019
February 9 - April 6, 2019

The Fort Wayne Museum of Art Scholastic Art and Writing Awards competition continues to gain momentum.  The FWMoA Program is one of only 26 Scholastic Programs in the country to offer the full Art and Writing Program and our region has grown to include 52 counties in Indiana and Ohio.  Year after year, the winning students in our program go on to win numerous national awards.  In the process of receiving national recognition, our young artists join the ranks of many celebrated American artists and writers which includes luminaries such as Richard Avedon, Andy Warhol, Bernard Malamud, Robert Redford, Sylvia Plath, Joyce Carol Oates, Luis Jimenez, and Truman Capote, among others.

In 2013, the Fort Wayne Museum of Art was awarded the Gold Key for Excellence in the Field by the Alliance for Young Artists and Writers. This annual award is given to only one organization that demonstrates extraordinary dedication to providing opportunities to creative young people; perseveres through challenges over time; and expands the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards program to reach more participants, among other program attributes.

The Alliance selected the Fort Wayne Museum of Art because of its dedication to expanding access to the Awards throughout Northeast Indiana and Northwest Ohio, implementing innovative solutions to reach students in rural areas, and initiating program enhancements to further strengthen the abilities of participating students and teachers. Executive Director of the Alliance for Young Artists and Writers Virginia McEnerney said, "It is clear that the Fort Wayne Museum of Art values deeply the students and teachers it serves and consistently strives to offer more opportunities and enhance their experience of the awards."

How to Participate
Stay tuned to the Alliance for Young Artists and Writers website throughout the year to sharpen your skills and stay in the know on exciting opportunities to stay involved. 
Registration for the 2019 Awards will open Soon at this website for art  and at this site for writing.  Contact Alyssa Dumire at alyssa.dumire@fwmoa.org to learn more.

Important Dates in 2019

January 8, 11:59 pm: Deadline to enter art and writing online
January 9: All forms and fees must be received
January 12: Judging begins
January 15: Regional Art Awards Announced
January 21: Regional Writing Awards Announced
January 21: All artwork received by FWMoA by 5 pm
February 9: Exhibition opens at FWMoA
February 17: Regional Awards Ceremony at University of Saint Francis Performing Arts Center
April 6: Final day to visit exhibition at FWMoA
April 7: Exhibition tear-down day
April 8-12: Artwork pickup at FWMoA

2019 Art Award Winners & 2019 Writing Award Winners 

The 2019 National Award Winners 
We are pleased to announce the 2019 winners receiving National Awards from the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards program. 

Art National Medalists

Sabine Croy, Carroll High School, Gold Medal and Civic Expression Award (1 in 6 nationwide!)

Martin Mbuguah, South Side High School, Gold Medal and American Visions Award


Hailey Byall, Carroll High School, Gold Medal

Matthew Coffee, Bishop Luers High School, Gold Medal

Samantha Colon, Carroll High School, Gold Medal

Sabine Croy, Carroll High School, Gold Medal

Isabella Ma, Homestead High School, Gold Medal

Martin Mbuguah, South Side High School, Gold Medal

Sarah McKendry, Carroll High School, Gold Medal

Aithett Nino, Northrop High School, Gold Medal

Erica O'Connor, Carroll High School, Gold Medal

Claire Engelsrud, Carroll High School, Silver Medal

Izabell Estes, Carroll High School, Silver Medal

Chelsey Hahn, Tinora High School, Silver Medal

Sam Haller, Canterbury High School, Silver Medal

Daphnee Hidayat, Carroll High School, Silver Medal

Phobos Hoang, Canterbury High School, Silver Medal

Alyssa Klotz, Carroll High School, Silver Medal

Jose Leyva, Warsaw Community High School, Silver Medal

Alyvia Luong, Carroll High School, Silver Medal

Martin Mbuguah, South Side High School, Silver Medal

Kyle Ordway, Tinora High School, Silver Medal

Maggie Panyard, Northrop High School, Silver Medal

Madeline Phuong, Woodside Middle School, Silver Medal

Kira Sullins, Carroll High School, Silver Medal

Hailey Teeguarden, Marion High School, Silver Medal

Sarah Wagner, Manchester Jr Senior High School, Silver Medal


Writing National Medalists

Khira Hickbottom, Homestead High School, Gold Medal and American Voices Award


Annabeth Bretz, St. Joseph's High School, Gold Medal

Gabriel Hesting, Towles Intermediate School, Gold Medal

Jillian Louise, John Glenn High School, Gold Medal

Nathan Phuong, Homestead High School, Gold Medal

Cheyenne Pohlman, Lincolnview Jr Senior High School, Gold Medal

Kendall Arnold, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton School, Silver Medal

Amber Choi, Canterbury School, Silver Medal

Kathryn DeCamp, East Noble High School, Silver Medal

Margaret Doran, St. Joseph's High School, Silver Medal

Ryan Drew, St. Joseph's High School, Silver Medal

Abbey Geeting, Dekalb High School, Silver Medal

Brendan Gonzales, St. Joseph's High School, Silver Medal

Nathan Hill, Homestead High School, Silver Medal

Rebekah Staples, Bishop Luers High School, Silver Medal

Ethan Teel, Canterbury High School, Silver Medal

Steven Wiltberger, Carroll High School, Silver Medal

The Hope Gap Project is an innovative program developed in 2014 by the Ft. Wayne Museum of Art that engages Scholastic Art & Writing Awards alumni from diverse backgrounds to inspire and motivate youth in the Northeast Indiana/Northwest Ohio Region.  Through online webinar technology, the Hope Gap Project includes a series of virtual classroom lectures featuring successful alumni artists who share the challenges they faced in their artistic journeys and encourage youth facing similar challenges.

Having completed its pilot year, the Hope Gap Project was extremely successful.  Columbia-born, Brooklyn-based alum Antonio Pulgarin spoke virtually to students at  high schools in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.  Antonio shared his story of being raised in the New York City projects, along with a message of hope: "... do not disregard your voice. I thought my voice didn't matter, and I was completely wrong."  Antonio encouraged students to submit to the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards even if they doubted their talent.  

Inspired by this message, more students from participating Fort Wayne schools submitted to the 2015 Scholastic Awards than in years past.  High school student Cheney Rose, in particular, received twelve regional awards and a full ride college scholarship - a dream she didn't believe was possible before participating in the Hope Gap Project.  One of Cheney's award-winning works is on display in an exhibit in Washington, D.C, as well as a video describing the Hope Gap Project and her experiences with the program.  

In September 2015, the Fort Wayne Museum of Art was honored in Washington, D.C. at the Department of Education. Watch the full video of our recognition:

Department of Education Honors the Fort Wayne Museum of Art  from FWMoA Education on Vimeo.

The FWMoA Art Club is a group of teens who want to think bigger and bolder through their ideas about art and creativity by being part of a community of highly talented and motivated teens from across our region.  

The Art Club uses Group Dynamics, which allows the students to share their deep interest for the arts with like minds, use each other as a resource for brainstorming ways to improve their work, and it also raises the expectation of every student's capabilities. The Fort Wayne Museum of Art leads the group by exposing students to contemporary art, presenting sketchbook assignments, and giving students feedback on their work, all of which has greatly increased Art Club members' success with not only the National Scholastic program, but also in garnering college scholarships.  

The Art Club is open to any teen Middle or High School student interested in the visual arts. The Club meets monthly while school is in session.

To join the Art Club, email Alyssa Dumire at alyssa.dumire@fwmoa.org

Art Club Meetings and Events
All Art Club meetings and events take place from 5-6:30pm at FWMoA. Participation in the Club is free.

Welcome back to Art Club! This year, we will expand our programs to include virtual meetings with contemporary artists from all over the country working on big-time projects in a variety of industries. We will explore new media, use our meetings to connect with fellow artists, and provide critiques, share stories, and different perspectives.

2018-19 Meeting Dates:
September 27 | October 25 | November 29 | February 28 | March 28 | April 25

Join the 2018-19 Teen Leadership Council
The Art Club will include a group of motivated students that will make up the Teen Leadership Council. Contact Alyssa Dumire at alyssa.dumire@fwmoa.org  to learn more about this leadership opportunity.

ARTICULATE tells the diverse stories of the Fort Wayne Museum of Art through in-depth written observations and reflections of its collections, exhibitions, programs, and staff to make new connections with our audiences with this far-reaching technology.

FWMoA's PreK-12 programming includes gallery tours to 6,000 kids in all grade levels each year. Children from all parts of Allen County and Northeast Indiana visit the Museum for the interactive experience of a gallery tour, many of them visiting a museum for the first time.

We rely on trained tour guides, called docents, to serve our youngest visitors. Docents are enthusiastic art lovers who wish to share the fun and educational value of learning with visual art to children of all ages who may or may not benefit from arts curriculum in the classroom.  

Docents are extremely valuable to the FWMoA mission of educating our community through visual art to add value to their lives, but you don't need to have an advanced degree to join this team of museum volunteers. To become a docent, consider the following before contacting us:

  • Docents must stand and walk for the duration of a 45-60 minute tour
  • Docents must be able to project their voice and be comfortable in a public speaking situation
  • Docents must have the desire to work and communicate with children of all ages
  • Docents must have a love of art and education
  • Docent training and continuing education is every other Monday morning from September-May. Scripts for tours are provided.
  • Tours generally are scheduled Tuesday-Friday 9:30-2:00pm.

Ready to learn more? Contact Alyssa Dumire, Director of Children's Education at  alyssa.dumire@fwmoa.org   or call 260.422.6467.

Ready to apply? Fill out and return this form to Alyssa Dumire at the address above.

The documents available for download here are designed to help educators and their students make the most of FWMoA as a resource. Exhibition resources are designed to be flexible—use them to extend learning before or after a visit to the museum, or to experience the artwork in your classroom if you’re unable to bring a field trip.

Check back frequently as we continue to expand our offerings!

Exhibition Resources

Exhibition Resources are expanded versions of the “scripts” our docents use to guide learning at the museum and may be used for self-guided tours of the museum. If you’re bringing your class for a field trip, please email katy.thompson@fwmoa.org to schedule, even if you don’t want a docent-led tour.

Pre-Visit Resources

Know-Before-You-Go Pre-Visit Presentation 

Tour FAQ  

Principal Letter

Winslow Homer: from Poetry to Fiction – The Engraved Works

Script - Powerpoint  

46th International Glass Invitational Award Winners

Script - PowerPoint

Medieval to Metal: The Art and Evolution of the GUITAR


American Quilts from the Collection 


Day of the Dead


Reclamation: The Art of Lucien Shapiro, Ben Venom, and Ravi Zupa

Script  - Powerpoint 

Full Spectrum: Paintings, Drawings and Prints of Julian Stanczak; Wood and Stone Sculptures of Barbara Stanczak

Script  - Powerpoint  - Lesson Plan  

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