Early Learning Center

The Early Learning Center at FWMoA

Located in FWMoA as part of the museum experience included with admission, the FWMoA Early Learning Center is a fun, hand-on haven for kids through age 8 who are building visual literacy skills.

Visual literacy at any age is key to thriving in our society, and in the earliest stages of life, the importance of developing visual literacy directly relates to the primal need for self-expression. As language skills develop, so too does the impulse to express and relate to the world around each child.

For these reasons, the FWMoA Early Learning Center is designed around the stages of childhood development in a fun, interactive, and hands-on environment. The Center includes a Draw area with a Self Identity Gallery, a 20' by 8' whiteboard drawing wall, and a Magnetic Tree Gallery for displaying drawings. A Build area encourages gross motor skills, a Learn area utilizes age-appropriate digital media showing artists creating work, and a Read area stocked with children's books promotes literacy and storytelling.

The Early Learning Center functions as a classroom for visiting schools during the week and as a family activity area for museum visitors when classes are not visiting. Bring your little ones to FWMoA for hands-on art fun!

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