Enhance your exhibit experience with one of the many programs at FWMoA throughout the year. Each is designed to deepen your engagement with our exhibitions to give you the richest cultural experience possible.

We feel strongly that of our several core constituencies, none is more important than children and their families. And, in these times, children and their families need art to be more than an attractive object to be observed they need art to be a catalyst for learning and connectivity. Art can help children communicate, expand their understanding of the world around them, and enhance their problem solving skills. Art can also be used as a powerful educational tool utilizing visual learning strategies to help teach everything from algebra to the social sciences.

Visit the  PreK-12 Education  page for in-depth information on our service to children, teachers, schools, and  families.

FWMoA offers a variety of social and educational opportunities for adults, each with a goal of making your experience with the museum memorable and inspirational. Experience guided tours, lectures by exhibiting artists, curators, and scholars, workshops, demonstrations, and parties throughout the year.

Visit our page for  adult programs  to learn more about what we have to offer.

This community-centered exhibit features traditional Mexican altars with sugar skulls, colorful tissue paper cutouts, and photos of deceased relatives to honor the souls of the departed. The Day of the Dead, an ancient religious celebration that originally honored children and ancestors, has evolved from a blend of Meso-American and Christian cultures, and those traditions come to life with this celebratory exhibition featuring memorials created by artists, families, and community groups from throughout the region.

Central to the exhibit is family-centered programming that celebrates the multiple generations of all cultures that remember deceased loved ones and honor them with altars and celebrations. The Museum will offer a Family Celebration with music, dancing, food, and costumed characters of Day of the Dead folklore.

Questions? Contact Elizabeth Kilmer, Exhibitions Content Manager at elizabeth.kilmer@fwmoa.org or call 260.422.6467.

The internship program is open to college and graduate students and recent graduates. The summer internship is offered on a volunteer basis. Students desiring academic credit for their internship must arrange for it themselves with their academic institution. To correspond with class or work, interns can arrange flexible schedules. However, some nights and weekend hours may be required during special events.

We discourage high school students from applying for our summer internship programs. The summer internships are geared to students with at least one, preferably two, years of academic experience at the college level due to the specialized nature of museum work. However, we offer 1-2 positions for high school students each Fall on a first-come, first-served basis. Interested students/teachers must inquire about this opportunity in the Spring or Summer prior to the Fall internship to increase a student's chance of being placed in one of these spots.  

Internships are part-time, paid positions and will be offered in various museum departments, including Curatorial/Collections and Children's Education. The approximate internship period is 8 weeks.

Visit our jobs page to learn more about internships at FWMoA. If you have any questions, reach out to Elizabeth Kilmer at 260.422.6467 or at elizabeth.kilmer@fwmoa.org.

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